11 Bizarre State Laws You Wont Believe Are Still On The Books

Growing up in Oklahoma, I remember my dad having to cross state lines in order to add another tattoo to his sleeve.I also remember those shops being the first thing I’d see when I made my wayover toTexas or Arkansas on road trips, knowing that it was the perfect spot for those of us wanting some ink done, but unable to find a legal option in our home state.

Luckily, by the time I was old enough to get my first piece of ink, the law had changed and we no longer had to plan long treks out of town to get the job done.

But that isn’t even the strangest law that remained on the books longer than you’d expect. Digging up these 11 examples of bizarre legislation in the United States whether or not they are still actually strictly observed was definitely an eye-opening discovery.

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1. Eye On The Tiger


Exotic pet owners in Ohio have to keep close tabs on their tigers, or any other wild animal (however, I doubt this is a very common choice for mostresidents.)

For thefew who might actually harbor a fierce critter and happen to lose track of the animal, they are required to alert authorities within an hour of them going missing.

2. Pinball Wizards


If you want to play pinball in South Carolina, you’ll have to make sure you have some ID handy, asfolks mustbe 18years old to play one of those machines.

3. Login Sharing


I’m sure glad my brother doesn’t live in Tennessee, because it’s a crime to share your Netflix and other streaming entertainment content passwords with others in that state. I’d be forced to finally purchase my own subscription.

4. Enticing Fish


InGeorgia, bingo halls are strictly prohibited from enticing players with the promise of goldfish.

I’m just not sure if they mean the animal or the crackers…

5. Underage Drinking


People under 21 years old can drink legally in Illinois, but only if they are enrolled in a culinary program.

6. Don’t Be Silly


Silly string is banned in the apparently all-serious state of Connecticut.

7. Dogs In Pursuit


In California, you must keep an eye on your pooches and make sure they aren’t running after bears or bobcats at any time.

I’m assuming other wildlife arefair game, but probably best to keep them from all scary critters just in case.

8. Bear Wrestling


Residents of Alabama are restricted from organizing bear wrestling matches, which really tells you a lot about their idea of funback in the day.

9. Mandatory Hydration


Considering how hot it gets in Arizona every summer, it makes sense that it is unlawful to refuse a person a glass of water.

10. Respect Sandwich Shops


Little Rock, AR, apparentlyholds their sandwich shops in very high regard, making it illegal for anyone to sound their car horns in front of establishments which sell cold drinks and sammies.

11. No Pets Allowed


Pet owners in Alaska are prohibited from bringing their pets along for a haircut at the barber shop, especially flamingos or wildebeests for… some reason.

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