18-Year-Old Helps His Female Classmate Pass By Wearing Her Little Shorts

Friends are amazing because they will always be there to pull you out of a bind if you need them to.

Over the years, we have seen some pretty amazing stories online, showcasing friendship.

Friends, both young and old, have helped each other during sickness, depression, and strife this boy even learned sign language in order to make his classmate feel more included.

18-year-old AndrewNguyen, recently stepped up to be an amazing friend to a fellow classmate and he did so by switching pants with her!

In a bizarre turn of events, Nguyen’s pants were needed to save Diana Le’s day, because she desperately needed them to complete a class.

Rather than let her deal with the problem on her own, he agreed to trade his sweatpants for her track shorts.

He then tweeted about the entire sweet situation, complete with a photo of him in the shorts, and the Internet understandably went wild.

Check below to learn more about his good deed.

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Andrew Nguyens bathroom photo, showing him sporting a set of girls’ running shorts, is going viral all around Twitter, but not for the reason you may expect.

The 18-year-old who attends the University of Texas in Arlington actually did something super nice for a friend in need, prior to the funny photo.

He and his friend Diana Le were hard at work in the library.

He was doing homework, while she was busy studying for an exam in her lab next period.

Suddenly, she began to panic, realizing that she didnt have proper pants on for the lab, which required her to wear close-toed shoes and long pants for safety reasons.

No one on the floor had any longer pants for her to borrow, but Nguyen just happened to be sporting an enticing set of sweatpants.

So he stepped up to make sure Le could attend the lab and swapped pants with her, then proceeded to wait in the bathroom for the duration of the class in her running shorts.

He then did what any good, social media literate person would do and tweeted the entire scenario, complete with a picture of himself in the shorts.

Understandably the picture got plenty of likes and retweets, but Nguyen was pretty shocked at exactly how much feedback it got.

“I thought if Im doing a good deed for my friend I may as well get a few laughs out of it and [then] bam, it blew up,” he explained to buzzfeed.

The responses and retweets were not just to laugh at his bare legs either, in fact most of them were praising him for being such a good friend.

With the funny tweet, Nguyens good deed, despite the discomfort it meant for him, became known all over the country.

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