3-Pawed Pit Bull Puppy Was Doomed For Euthanization Until Rescuers Give Her A 2nd Chance

Pit bulls are so loving cute, and cuddly, but there is still a tough stigma against them in many states.

Someindividuals or animal shelters will immediately write them off as being aggressive, unfriendly, and dangerous.

Some rescue facilities won’t even adopt them out to the public, even though they need kindness and love just like any other dogs.

They are capable of being happy, kind members of any family, just like this smiley pit bull, and there are plenty of other instances that prove it.

Sunshine, Krissy, and Nugget fell victim to this type of judgment when they were found abandoned in the woods.

And it almost cost them their life, as they were fated to be taken to a shelter that euthanizes pit bulls almost immediately.

Fortunately there are also individuals in the community that work hard to make sure that pit bulls find a loving home.

Check below to learn more about the furry babies’ harrowing experience that nearly cost them their lives.

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Three pit bull puppies were discovered in a forest near an abandoned Georgia subdivision.

They were just 5 weeks old, and it wasnt clear how they had gotten their or where their mama was.

Though they had been successfully rescued, their problems were far from over.

The local animal control were set to takethem to the Henry County Animal Care and Controlwhich does not adopt dogs identified as pit bulls to the public.

Instead the stray puppies are held in a three-day stray hold, and at the end of the third day they are taken to be euthanized.

Since there wasnt a home for the puppies to return to, it looked like their days were tragically numbered.

Fortunately there are organizations like Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue who work with shelters to find homes for stray little pit bulls.

When they got a call from animal control about the pit puppies needing to be rescued, they jumped into action to help them out.

Jason Flatt, who is part of the organization, sent out a plea to his network of puppy fosterers, asking if anyone could take the threein.

Fortunately someone offered to foster them, and the puppies were successfully saved from certain death.

Of the three pit bull babies, named Sunshine, Krissy, and Nugget, Sunshine definitely stands out the most because she is missing her front paw.

“We don’t know if it was a birth defect,” Flatt explained, “We don’t know if was chopped off. It’s hard to tell.”

The paw problem, did not stop Sunny, who continually tried to walk on the limb that wasnt there.

Fortunately, she was taken to the vat and became a candidate for a prosthetic paw.

Since then, she has been repeatedly fit for new puppy prosthetics as she continues to grow.

And while she is thrivingwith her loving foster family, she and her sister are eagerly awaiting forever homes.

To learn more about Sunshine and all the terrific work they do, be sure to visit Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue page.

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