8 Brilliant Ways To Immediately Shut Down Sexist Comments

Sexism is not okay. And we’ve all seen it before firsthand.

I’ve seen women be catcalled while walking down the street. I’ve overheard men make inappropriate comments to women at work. I’ve even seen men say some of the grossest and most sexist things to a female “friend” over drinks or dinner.

But seriously, what year is it? Are these things really still happening in 2016?

My motto? Whenever I see or experience sexism, I know it’s best to immediately “shut it down.” These experiences can be extremely upsetting and can even spill over into prolonged harassment.

That’s why I definitely suggest these eight tips to perfectly shut down sexist comments. While sexism isn’t fun, finally getting the upper hand in the situation really can be quite gratifying.

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1. Call It Out


Don’t ignore it. Don’t simply swallow it. Call it out and let them know how unacceptable their “joke” or “comment” really was. Most of the time they will crumble and apologize when they are forced to confront the reality of what they just said.

2. Throw It Back


If you feel like you’ve got the perfect comeback, don’t be afraid to throw it right back at them. Theircomments clearly come from a place of insecurity and self-loathing, so they likely aren’t prepared for a battle of wits with someone such as yourself.

3. Act Like You Don’t Get It


This can also be a lot of fun. Make themexplain it to you. A simple “I don’t get it” will force them to explain to you just why they think what they said was acceptable. Grown adults often crumble when forced to confront the truth behind the awful things they say. So make this person tell you exactly why this joke isso funny.

4. Make Them Repeat It


This is one of my favorite games. Simply say, “What?” Act like you didn’t really hear what they said and make them repeat this oh-so-hilarious comment three or four times. Trust me, they will feel pretty stupid once they realize just how un-funny they are.

5. Don’t Laugh


It can be easy to laugh off sexist comments or jokes, but that will only encourage them. Don’t laugh, make direct eye contact, and let the person see just how “funny” you think their joke is.

6. Sit Down With Them For A Meeting


With most reasonable individuals, communication can actually solve a large number of problems. When dealing with sexism at work, try a one on one meeting. No need to fight, but definitely be clear about your feelings and how inappropriate they are being. Quite often, talking it out can solve the problem.

7. Report It


Especially in a workplace or professional setting, you need to say something. If asking the person to stop doesn’t work, go straight to human resources. Don’t feel bad about reporting this nonsense. You didn’t do anything wrong, your less-than-clever coworker did!

8. Above All Else, Stay True To You


The most important thing of all? Keep on being you. You are a strong, fabulous, brilliant individual who deserves respect. Hold your head high and show the world your incredible self!

Obviously, we still have a long way to go to stop sexist commentsfrom happening to anyone in the first place. But knowing how to shutthem down is a great way to stop sexism in its tracks and staytrue to yourself.

What other ways have you found that can help shut down sexist comments immediately? What crazy and inappropriate things have people said to you before? Let us know in the comments.

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