A Unified Party: Hillary And Bernie Pinned A Rabid Coyote Between Their Two Cars

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have had more than their share of objections throughout primary season. But many of those concerns about defendant solidarity faded last-place darknes as Clinton and Sanders teamed up to rod a crazed coyote between their two cars.

Yes! THIS is what a unified defendant looks like.

In a touching gesture, Bernie contacted out to Hillary and had her convene him in her car at the parking lots of a neighbourhood Walgreens, where the mad swine had been rending open trash bags and playing aggressively toward nearby hounds. Soon after she arrived, Sanders revved his instrument and nodded at Hillary as she revved back. Both cars then careened forward, successfully capturing the coyote between their bumpers, where it remained until promotion arrived.

It was a heartening parade of the type of cooperation thats critical in todays most subdivided government scenery. Teamwork FTW!

Senator Elizabeth Warren expedited the effort by using a piece of fresh meat to coax the coyote into plaza, while Hillarys vice president pick, Tim Kaine, stepped in to hinder commerce back and President Obama got animal ensure on the phone.

Better look out, GOP, because Democrats officially have their act together! If they can keep up this kind of teamwork moves forward, Hillarys prospects in November are looking really, really strong.

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