Artist Creates Personal Flipbooks That Families Can Send To Incarcerated Loved Ones

All craftsmen are incredibly inventive people who work to condition “the worlds” around them, and Liza Tudor is no objection. She was recently inspired during a few moments of resentment when she couldnt refer her friend in prison a speedy word. “We’re so used to being able to just click a image and verse it to individual, Liza interprets. We can’t share that kind of information with inmates.”

Not to be prevented, she launched Flip Booked LLC, a entail by which acquaintances and family can keep in touch with their loved ones in prison. Its very simple, but carries a potent blow Liza organizes and transmits flipbooks that contain moving portraits, or little snapshots of a treasured minute captured in time. Liza said today “Being able to see a clip […] of your family and acquaintances can make a gigantic difference.”

And we adore our positive healing legends here! Like the female prisoners who were able to train as firefighters to the prisoners who cared for shelter pups, reclamation can be a long, difficult superhighway, but its an improbably honoring one.

Jesse Kaufman, prison inmates in Colorado who received one of these flipbooks, visibly teared up when speaking about it. “It was a treat to be able to sort of get a video, you know? ”

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