Aussie NBA star Andrew Bogut hilariously skewers Olympics over accommodations

Andrew Bogut is not affected .

Image: Jim Mone/ AP

From cocaine and kidnappings to sewage-infested oceans, the Rio Olympics have had a rocky run-up.

Now NBA hotshot and Australian Olympian Andrew Bogut is piling on via Twitter in commonly caustic way , no less.

Bogut, who was traded from the Golden state Warriors to the Dallas Mavericks this summer, is among the NBA’s more subtly humorous participates. He’s known to unleash his biting derision on other participates, media members and members of the general circus of pro sports.

Now in Rio to play for Australia, Bogut has acquired a brand-new target: The International Olympic Committee( IOC ).

Not unlike FIFA, the IOC is seen by many as a money-grubbing commission that introduces solid contracts ahead of actual Olympic infrastructure and the longterm advantage of legion metropolis. Australian athletes have had a particularly rough time in Rio up to now, checking into unfinished housings and even having some components stolen from their rooms after a small fire in their build stimulated an evacuation.

So upon checking into Olympics-provided lodging in Rio, Bogut started the #IOCLuxuryLodging hashtag to poke fun at the housings that still seem a little bit bumpy around the edges.

When someone asked how it works out for basketball players Bogut stands 7-foot-1 slumber in single plots during the Olympics, the Aussie center reached deeper into his handbag of jokes.

It was then pointed out that real IOC representatives likely have often, much nicer housings than hundreds of thousands of athletes in Rio. To which Bogut reacted 😛 TAGEND

If you experienced Bogut’s little #IOCLuxuryLodging chip, it looks like you’re in luck.

Australian Olympic team mission chief Kitty Chiller told Bogut’s tweets can only be “a bit of amusing. The hamlet is what it is we’re all mucking in and doing stuff and there’s no impairment in it.”

The Olympics officially inaugurate Friday.

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