Carol Burnett Screams At Jimmy Fallon During A Game On Live TV

Unluckily for me, and my fellow sleepyheads, I often fail to stay up late enough to watch The Tonight Show during the week.

I miss all of his best celebrity guests, performances, and funny live action. Even when I remind myself that there’s an awesome guest, like the handsome and talented Adam Levine,I doze off when my head hits the pillow.

But luckily for us all, we get to see some of the best moments, later shared on the internet and social media.

During this episode, Jimmy Fallon plays the whisper game with the lovely Carol Burnett and they are an absolute match made in heaven.

With her timeless candidness and his hilarious charm, they have everyone watching dying of laughter.

They go back and forth trying to read each other’s lips, but eventually, they just start screaming at each other. It’s amazing to see icons continuing to make us smile in present day, modern media.

Fallon seems to be the late night, male version of Ellen, don’t you think? Maybe not quite yet.

But he can always make me laugh, and seems to always have the best intentions, just like Ellen does.

Add some watch-worthy non-celebrity guests and crazyhidden camera pranks, and we’d have a perfect setup.

Watch for yourself, and enjoy the hysterics!

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