Channel Tunnel train breaks down stranding hundreds – BBC News

Image copyright Twitter: @aggie_anim
Image caption Aggie Anim tweeted: “Stuck in under ocean eurotunnel le shuttle … People are fine but a few dogs are v hot! ”

Hundreds of Eurotunnel fares were stuck inside the Channel Tunnel when a qualify tripping from Calais to Folkestone broke down.

The service was evacuated in accordance with the stop at about 17:30 BST, to those used on board transmit to a recovery train.

Eurotunnel spokesman John Keefe said between 400 and 500 people were affected after a “technical incident” made the qualify to stop mid-tunnel.

The rescue train had to first travel back to Calais before going to the UK.

Image copyright Twitter: @aggie_anim
Image caption Hundreds of passengers, some with dogs, had to be moved to a recovery qualify
Image copyright Twitter: @aggie_anim
Image caption Passenger arrived back in Folkestone sometime on Thursday night

The disappointed qualify was trawled back to Folkestone with the passengers’ autoes and belongings on board.

Eurotunnel said at 23:25 that “all qualifies have now arrived” and apologised for the delays..

Passenger Aggie Anim told BBC South East that after the qualify stopped “it was very hot, and we were all concerned about the oxygen”.

She afterwards tweeted: “The emergency train is moving !! People clapping … But wait we are heading back to France ?! Booo Eurotunnel stuck.”

She said staff on board the broken down qualify had been “very friendly and communicative”.

In a statement on its website, Eurotunnel said services were currently operating with some timetable disruption.

It said there was a waiting time of about 2 hours at its terminals in Calais and Folkestone.

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