Cheeseburger Baked Potato: A New Twist On A Cookout Classic

Theres something about feeing outside that originates meat smell additional luscious.

Maybe thats the explanation behind everyones favorite summer amusement: a good, old-fashioned barbecue!

After all, its hard to watch a summer weekend pass by without pulling out the grill and coming a few burgers and hot dog get, especially if youre thinking about trying out a few of theseregional frankfurter recipes.

Of course, even on a rainy, less-than-grill-friendly era, you might have a desiring for cookout chow. With that in thinker, check out our totally awesome tutorial for cheeseburger cooked potatoes.

This appetizing recipe can be made with a microwave and a single stovetop burner, but it still backpacks batch of barbecue-ready spice!

Its the perfect mixture for a grill surmount captured inside due to inclement condition or for parents looking to whip up a new kinfolk favorite on a hectic night.

Print out the recipe below to make this awesomely summery recipe at home!