Chinese Swimmers Expressions During Interview Have Everyone On Social Media Laughing

When athletes train for the Olympics, they push their bodies to perform at the topmost level, knowing that millions around the world will be watching their every move. They want to be the fastest, the most vigilant, and even the most graceful. They need to be the best of the best in order to reach gold.

But how many of them do you think take the time to appreciate how formidable their bodies are and the incredible things they can do?

Take Chinese swimmerFu Yuanhui. We can imagine that she has been practicing for long hours every day, trying to perfect her technique in time for the competition.

Shehad just finished racing in the 100-meterbackstroke semifinals when she stopped for an interview. The interviewer revealed her time: an astounding58.95 seconds.

In response, Yuanhui looked genuinelysurprised. In fact, she broke into a huge smile that now has social media users falling over laughing!

The kicker? She thought that she had finished the race to win the bronze medal in 59 seconds.

To us, the difference may not appear to be much, but to an Olympian, it means everything! It can mean the difference between first or second place, for example. And her fans and followers seem quite touched by her genuine surprise, and they have even thanked her for it!

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