Clueless Boyfriend Has A Ridiculous Explanation About How The Dirty Laundry Magically Disappears

This is somethingwomen of all ages can appreciate, and all laugh at, too.

This comedian, Troy Kinne, gives us the performance that we mightallimagine is going on in our significantother’s head at times.

As his girlfriend explains everything that’s irritating her about his apparent laziness, and dependency on her, he decides to let her in on a little secret.

What’s his secret? That he believes that some of the things in their house are magical. The laundry basket, which “magically” cleans and folds his clothes, is my personal favorite.

I’m surprised he doesn’t think that money will magically appear for him, too!

Will a man ever appreciate, or realize, all it is that women do around the house? I’m sure some do, but that usuallycomes after they see how living without the “magic” is!

Whether you agree that men are often similar to this one, or not, this comical video stilldoes have some relatable qualities to it. Don’t you agree?

This man is definitely going to find out what it’s like without the “magic” now!

I’m not sure who I would choose as a roommate: this clueless comical guy. Or the college kid who made his bedroom a ball pit…Both seem to have some crazy priorities.

Check out Troy Kinne’s other comical videos on his Facebook.

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