Cross-Country Team Takes Lonely Shelter Pups For An Exhilarating Morning Run

Nothing starts a morning off better than a delightful, long run!

If you love to run, then you know that there is just something magical about coming your blood pumping and your paws slamming into the dirt. If you don’t enjoy operate, perhaps you are just missing the right loping partner.

The cross-country team at St. Joseph High School in California figured that their morning training sessions could use a few more lopsided smiles and wagging tails.

The team encouraged a knot of hounds from the local Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter out for a morning race! Each member of the team was paired with a pup and it was candidly the most cute morning ever.

“I am not sure who was more excited and having the most recreation … the dogs or the children, ” team coach Luis Escobar wrote on his Facebook sheet.

The team experienced themselves and they seemed to oblige thedogs’ daytimes even better! They hope to have the puppies out for another lead again soon. Hopefully, this inspired parties in their community to adopt these hounds! I want to see more crews across the country doing this!

If you experience this, you will affection these California teens reading to sanctuary hounds to comfort them and show them love.

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[ H/ T: The Dodo]