Dog Is So Lazy She Wont Budge For A Walk, So Mom Sends Her To Boot Camp

Aggie is the fluffiest Golden retriever and beloved dog of Lisa Burke. The only trouble is, Aggie is kind of a lazy body. While many dogs prefer bouncing around the house and running around outside, Aggie would much rather lounge around.

She is one of the few dogs who don’t get excited for her walk. In fact, in one instance they put a leash around Aggie’s neck and she just lays there, happily. They have to beg her to get up on all fours!

Burke loves her dog and knows that Aggie’s lazy tendencies can lead to some serious health issues. She’s already packingon a few extra pounds as it is. Like humans, dogs need fresh air and exercise. The concerned mama decided to send Aggie to a doggy fitness bootcamp.

Many thought it was a silly expense, but Burke feels Aggie is a part of her family and worth every penny.

“People have said, ‘it’s just a dog why are you going to that extreme?’ Because she is a part of the family, I want her to be healthy and happy,” Burke says.

However, the boot camp worked amazingly well. Although Aggie was resistant at first, the trainers were eventually able to get the pup up and playing. She even passed her final swimming exam.

Would you ever send your dog to boot camp if you felt they needed it? Let us know in the comments!

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