Doggie Brain Teaser Is The Perfect Puzzle For Pups!

All dog owners know that a bored pooch is the fastest way to a dug-up garden and mangled tennis shoes.

After all, dogs are bright, curious creatures, and it drives them nuts when their people leave them alone with nothing to do.

Of course, you arent always available for an endless game of fetch. Inevitably, you have other stuff to do sometimes.

Maybe you need to get one last batch of patties on the grill before your guests arrive, or maybe you just want to take a long, luxurious bath in privacy. Whatever your situation, one thing is clear: you need a distraction for that sweet, mischievous, entirely too clever pup of yours.

The easiest method is called a puzzle toy, which, true to its name, will confound a pooch for a decent amount of time and give you a little leeway.

The best puzzle toys are simple and efficient, and, naturally, contain a reward for the pup. At the moment, our very favorite is a DIY version that couldnt be easier to make, and will keep your dog interested for ages.


  • Muffin tin
  • Dog treats
  • Tennis balls


  1. Place a treat in every other muffin cup.
  2. Place tennis balls on top.
  3. Leave with your dog and let her figure it out.

Check out the video below to see Little Things’ own Orion the Goldensample this awesome Doggy Brain Teaser. And if you know a pup or two that would love this, make sure toSHAREon Facebook!


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