Gym Horror Stories: 13 Times It Would Have Been Smarter To Just Stay Home

I will be honest, I really don’t make it to my gym as often as I should. You would think that I’d be more motivated to actually put in the extra effort since I’m spending money on it every month, but somehow I still manage to talk myself out of it more often than not.

I have been doing a little bit better recently thanks to some helpful encouragement from my buddies, and the fact that I’m going to be in a wedding later this year. That said, all of my ambition just might disappear now that I’ve readsome of the baffling and downright horrifying experiences from theseemployees andmembers.

Some are really just silly, but plenty others had me thinking about canceling my membership for good.

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1. Naked Karate


“A young guy, about 16, came in as a guest of a member… On one of my laps I see this guy has his shirt off. I’m rounding lap 3 and now I see his pants are off, too. The boxers come off the man is naked.

“We basically surround him holding exercise mats, acting sort of like censor bars. We’re begging him to get dressed and he starts, I’m not kidding, doing karate moves, kicking and flailing around with his junk all everywhere.” -andsoitis

2. Treadmill Tummy Ache


“I was on the treadmill just getting up to my second mile straight, which is my warm down from the rest of my routine, and I suddenly knew I was about to be sick.

“I jumped off the treadmill, leaving my stuff on it, and you know how you feel like you’re moving really fast just after coming off a treadmill? Yeah I did, I went straight over on my back and projectile vomited right up in the air, and it came back down and landed on my face.” – Spectacularity

3. Shower Dishes


“My friend told me that he once saw a guy wash plates under a gym shower.” -niiisiis

4. Viking Warrior


“I was minding my own business doing free-weights when this huge red-headed Viking comes and sits at the bench next to me, grabs the biggest weight there, and then looks at himself in the mirror and starts screaming ‘YOU’RE A WARRIOR’ as he does his reps.

“I had to run out of the room so that I wouldn’t laugh my a** off at him and get torn in two by his inevitable Viking fury.” -clrtxf

5. Multitasking


“Nothing will ever beat the guy I saw on a spinning cycle hitting a speed bag. Functional training for fighting off attackers in hand to hand combat while on your bike I guess.” -_John_Mirra_

6. Clogged Toilet


“One day an old man came from the locker room and approached me. He said, ‘I dont know what I did in there, but it wont go down,’ and walked away. I went in, and the smell hit me instantly. The stall had a turd (NO exaggeration) the size of my arm, from elbow the fingertips… I was equal parts amazed and disgusted. When you flushed the toilet, the water would (try to) swirl around it and go down, revealing the monster in all of its girth.

“We let it sit there for a couple of days to soften up so we could push it down. It stank the whole time.” -Fioricascastle

7. Chin-Oops


“Iwas doing chin-ups and thought people were impressed, since people were looking. Turns out I ripped my shorts and my underwear was freely exposed. On the plus side, mostly girls looking, and no giggles.” -kmdg22c

8. Gym Nightclubs


“I was at the gym doing squats when I saw a guy dressed like he was about to go to a club. He had his hair spiked, wore a tight white shirt, gold watch and necklace, jeans, and dressy sports shoes. He was sitting on the bench and talking on his cell. He would do an occasional rep or two, then talk on the cell phone. Eventually someone complained and he was asked to get off the bench or the phone, his choice.” -ElectroTurk

9. Today’s Forecast: Flirting


“Several years back a young and kind of attractive (some say) weather guy was a member at this fairly tiny gym. Anywho, my boyfriend and I are working out and when I go to get water I see him walk up to an employee (a very pretty, blonde, young lady) and says, word for word, ‘It’s getting kinda hot in here, SEXY HOT!’ and then proceeds to try to flirt with her as she awkwardly walks away. My boyfriend and I quote that all the time and used to laugh every time we saw his cocky face on TV.” -emmapkmn

10. Greasy Food Revenge


“We were doing some casual sit-ups and I had eaten so good, so much, so greasy at my grandma’s during lunch that I let out a rattle of farts that sounded like someone was firing a semi-automatic during absolute dead silence. Then I blamed it on the guy next to me who did the same to some other guy and no-one ever knew.” – korky1318

11. Setting The Bar Low


“I was benching just the bar, without any weights, to see how many times I could do it… Somewhere around 40, I realized my arms stopped working. Had no one to spot me since it was just a bar. Ended up dropping the bar on myself then spastically trying to roll over to my side to try to get the bar off of me. That was embarrassing, because everyone else probably thought I couldn’t bench a bar.” – erizzluh

12. Purr-fect Workout


“Guy who would ‘meow’ instead of grunt. He also meowed in the shower.” – Reddit user

13. Parking Pain


“The managerwould park his BMW in the front handicap spot so he would not have to walk so far.” -HKPhooey1

I can’t believe some of these are real! Have you seen something even more bizarre while working on your physical fitness? Let us know in the comments and please be sure toSHARE!

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