Heres What #Basic Fall Activity Youll Mostly Likely Indulge In, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


You are energetic and passionate about everything you do (and competitive of course), so your #basic fall activity is totally pumpkin-carving. It all starts with getting the best of the best pumpkins (because you cant imagine settling for anything less). Youll probably also host a competition for the best-carved pumpkin, quickest-carved pumpkin, most-amazing-tasting-pumpkin-seeds, and pretty much anything else that gives you a chance at beating out your friends. You cant help it, you just love a good race. (And a good post-win pumpkin selfie.)


You crave security, stability, and safety, so when it comes to October activities and getting the sh*t scared out of you, youd much rather it be somewhere where you know you wont be actually killed by that guy with the chainsaw. Your favorite #basic fall activity is a hayridecalm, predictable, and still fun. On a hayride you can kick back, sip on some spiked hot chocolate, laugh with friends, and not have the nagging fear that a clown with a knife is going to pop out from around the corner. Well, at least you hope.


You hate being bored. I mean . So anything slow, dull, or mundane? Nope, youre not about that life. When it comes to #basic fall activities, your favorite is a Halloween-themed booze cruise. There you can socialize, wear a crazy costume, try as many spooky beers as your heart desires, and be constantly on the go. Oh, and get shamelessly drunk of course.


You tend to be protective, so youre all about the #basic haunted house this fall. This gives you the opportunity to save your friends/significant other/family members from serial killers hiding behind doors or rabid werewolves lurking in the woods right outside the porch, while still getting a good laugh at how scared your friends/fam actually get. (Because lol, right?)


You love when everyone around you is having a good time, so your ideal #basic fall activity is, of course, hosting a costume party. Youll go all outdecorations, spooky spiked drinks, best-dressed contest, even Halloween-themed snacksall at your pad. You love organizing, creating a fun atmosphere, and being in charge (of course). But even though you can sometimes be a little much (aka slightly bossy), you always have your party-attendees best interests at heart. And youre always down for a good time. Duh.


When it comes to #basic fall activities, youre the ultimate planner. Youre the one whos researched where the best Halloween beer-tasting events are in town, or all the local spots to try the pumpkin flavored drinks. Its halfway through October, but youve already attended a Haunted Mud-Run, volunteered at a kids costume party, been to at least three haunted houses, and are currently stressed trying to plan the next few weekends because OMG HALLOWEEN IS ALMOST HERE!!


Of all the signs, youre the most chill, so when it comes to #basic fall activities, youre all about two things: (1) sitting at Starbucks for hours, sipping on a Pumpkin Spice Latte and chatting with friends or (2) handing out candy on your porch in your pjs. But, if youre persuaded, youre the type to most definitely participate in the matching couple costumes. Youre just cute and romantic (and #basic) like that.


You have a lot of energy. That means your #basic fall activity is definitely a haunted hike. Theres something about the outside air, being on your feet, and taking copious amounts of BFF-on-the-trail selfies (or solo-selfies, since you dont mind being alone) that just get you pumped.


As a Sagittarius, you never settle. Youre always looking for the biggest, baddest thing to attend with friends/fam, and you might not admit it, but youve been secretly looking at October activities since, like, August. Thats why when it comes to a #basic fall to-do list, youre all about Halloween-themed amusement parks. Anywhere you can ride rollercoasters, be outside, and occasionally get a good scare is totally you.


When it comes to #basic fall activities, you can never decide. When youre doing one thing, you cant help but want to be somewhere elseyou just want to do it all! Your go-to #basic activity, though, is most definitely Trick-or-Treating. Here you can dress up and get free candy all while sipping on some drinks (because pregame, duh) and then you can head over to a more adult-like partythe best of both worlds for your conflicted mind.


Youre a rebel, so when it comes to being #basic, youre the sign thats most-likely down to scare as many kids as possible. Whether thats hiding out by your front door and scaring the pants off of Trick-or-Treaters or screaming bloody murder at any haunted house you attend, you love getting dressed up and making the entire month of October scary AF.


Youre the emotional sign, so hands down, your favorite #basic fall activity is costume shopping. You love getting a group together and hitting up the stores, trying on ridiculous outfits, taking sh*t-tons of pictures, and bonding over Halloween happy hour drinks afterwards. Youre all about being around your buds, laughing, talking about life, and, of course, finding costumes that look cute together, because #squadgoals.

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