Hes Not Your Forever Person Unless You Experience These 17 Micro Turn-Ons

1. When he smiles and you just cant help smiling automatically in response, even though youre not thathappy at the time, because he has that affect you.

2. When the sound of his voice overthe phone or the sight of an incoming text fromhim magically soothesyour aching soul after an arduous day.

3.When he winks at you from across a room and your heart melts a little.

4.When a coworker or a friend asks how everything is and you cant help thinking of him and his irresistible grin.

5.When he accidentally wakes you up inthe morning and you reallyneed sleepbut you can’t be madbecause you’re just so happy to be there with him.

6.When you hug him and hes super ripe because he hasnt showered yet but youre unmistakably attracted to hisspecific stench.

7. When he squeezes your hand as you walk down the street or sit on the couch watching a movie and you can feel your loins catch fire in a an unfamiliar but definitely welcome way.

8.When your eyes meet at a party and you both realize youd rather be at home having sex or just cuddling than socializing.

9.When he insists on a good-bye kiss beforeyou walkout the door and you comply, even if that extra 30 seconds meansyou’re going tobe late and maybe even missyourtrain,because you can’t resist.

10. When he stretches his leg out beneath the table for a little footsie play and the sensation of his toesagainst your leg gives you the shivers.

11.When he says something borderline idiotic, but you find it charming rather thanoff-putting.

12.When he accidentally drools and youre like whatever, hes handsome AF still.

13.When he digs into a plate of chicken wings and his fingers get all sticky and you kind of want to lick them.

14.When his joke falls totally flat but you laugh your face off anyway because you dont need him to be a comedian.

15.When hes dripping wet with sweat after an intense workout and he stinks like dirty gym socks but you can’t waitto smother your body all over his anyway.

16.When he cooks for you and it doesnt matter what anything tastes like because youre smitten by the effort he put into the mission more than the end result.

17.When the very mention of his name gives you an adrenaline rush and you recognize that sensation as pure, unadulterated love.

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