Husband Dumps Wife When She Gets Confidence Back. Then She Shows Up With Her New Boyfriend

Katie Williams, a woman from London, struggled with her self-esteem for years. Weighing nearly 300 lbs., she never felt comfortable in her own skin. Although she was engaged to her high school sweetheart, Phil, she wouldn’t set a wedding day until she lost the weight.

Then, she finally dropped 140 lbs.and married him. Believing this would be the start of their new life together, with the confidence she had always wanted, Katie was ecstatic. Then, Phil changed.

He became “insane with jealousy.” Suddenly, Katie had confidence. Suddenly, other men stared at her. Phil began to lash out.

“He noticed that men were looking at me. And I kind of started becoming more of his possession than his wife,” Katie toldDaily Mail. “He couldnt stand my new confidence and would bring me down with cruel comments.”

The confidence she had just gotten back was being beaten down by the man she loved. After two years, the couple got a divorce. But Katie is the one with the last laugh. The 35-year-old is now in love with a younger man named Jack. He loves Katie for who she is, even the parts of her she still believes she “needs” to change.

“He loves every part of me, even the parts that I still hate and Im very self-conscious about,” she said. “He has helped me overcome them and feel a lot better about myself.”

Jack has already settled into the family and is helping Katie raise her children. It may not have been the way she planned, but this mother is getting a happy ending.

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