Husbands Reaction To Becoming A Dad Leaves His Wife In Tears Of Laughter

Lori Vignali had the perfect set up when she gave her husband the news that she was pregnant.

The somewhat hidden video camera got all of the action, and he looked so comfortable and at ease when she approached him, he clearly had no idea what he was about to find out.

When she goes to sit next to him and give him the box, they both already look happy. But when he pulls out what looks like a baby bib, he asks, “what are you trying to tell me?”

And she loses it! She’s so happy clearly, and she finally admits that this bib means she’s pregnant and he loses it too! They both laugh and act like giddy school children.

The excitement and love that you can feel from watching this video is a precious moment to have on tape. I think every couple that hopes to start a family one day would enjoy watching this, and hoping that when they find out about their baby the emotions would be similar to this.

They close this video with a hug and cute kiss, but then Lori’s husband comes into the camera and reminds everyone they’re pregnant as if he’s already a proud dad!

Don’t you just love pregnancy announcements like this one?

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