Instagram’s blatant Snapchat Stories ripoff might really make me quit it

Image: Bob Al-Greene

About 2 weeks ago, while I was busy Snapchatting all the people at the park representing Pokmon Go , I speculated for a hot second why Instagram doesn’t let you add textbook, depicts and emoji to your posts.

Then I laughter at what a stupid intuition that would be.

Turns out it’s not such a stupid intuition, seeing as Instagram just copied the crap out of Snapchat.

For Instagram’s parent company Facebook( and CEO Mark Zuckerberg ), it’s the eventual f* ck you to Snapchat after failing to kill the app several times with its own fruitless clones and failing to outright buy the competitive app.

Well, Zuckerberg’s having the last laugh now, because his companionship basically just declared battle on Snapchat.

I can just paint Zuckerberg wearing his gown hacker hoodie, sitting in some evil underground lair, finger-tenting Mr. Burns-style, as he watches a wall of screens proving Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel freaking out.

Adding a “Stories” section even if it’s a complete Snapchat derivative to Instagram is wise , no doubt, since the photo-sharing social network has over 300 million daily active users, which is twice as many as Snapchat’s 150 million.

But, I can see right through what’s happening.

While Facebook and all the old-fashioneds who can’t anatomy Snapchat out are celebrating, it’s now very apparent to me that Instagram is a trojan horse.

Whatever favourite peculiarities Facebook craves and if it fails to gain friction either through its own clone or through an acquisition it’ll utilize Instagram’s large-scale, influential set base to get it.

Instagram is becoming a bloated everything app because the cool adolescents aren’t on Facebook. Facebook is skating to where the eyeballs are, which is Instagram, in order to murder Snapchat.

From this moment on, thoughts will never be the same for Instagram.

Different apps for different content

Instagram is great precisely because it’s not Snapchat and Snapchat is great because it’s not Instagram.

The two apps give different knowledge. And I carve out hour for both of them because they don’t compete.

I go to Instagram to look at beautiful photography. And I go to Snapchat to ghost in on my friends’ lives through Snapchat Stories, like some kind of slither gaping through a digital sound hole.

On the creation side, it’s the same administer 😛 TAGEND

My Instagram:

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My Snapchat:


I expect to see cruder, spontaneous content upchuck onto Snapchat compared to the finely-edited uprights on Instagram.

Sure, there’s occasional overlap, but for “the worlds largest” side I expect to see cruder, spontaneous content upchuck onto Snapchat Stories compared to uprights shared on Instagram. And that’s OK, because the bar for content on Snapchat is miserably low.

I’m not saying there aren’t sh* t qual pics I can’t stand all the memes and food pics. OH. MY. GOD. THE FOOD PICS . on Instagram. But the proportions of garbage to not garbage isn’t as high-pitched( at the least on my curated feed ).

Instagram may have had humble lo-fi beginnings trying to imitate the instant film aesthetic of Polaroid, but the app has transformed over the years into a serious digital hall where threshing a brutal Nashville or Rise or Earlybird filter on top of a pic and calling it a daytime encourages despised. You just don’t do it unless you want to be called a newb. #nofilter for life.

I know many parties still use Instagram as a stage to post instantaneous photos and videos. That’s great, but best available content is almost never instantaneou. It requires carefully edited and era posts.( Well, unless you’re Justin Bieber and every freakin’ selfie you post casts followers into a frenzy .)

What is Instagram anymore?

By cloning Snapchat’s Stories, Instagram is now an app trying to please everyone.

People who don’t use Snapchat but do use Instagram will be exposed to it. People who can’t grasp Snapchat but understand Instagram will be more inclined to learn how to use Instagram Stories < em> just because they’ll internalize that it’s easier by association, even if it’s not. And people who use both Instagram and Snapchat may find themselves are now beginning to favor one over the other, most probably the one where all their friends are on.( Facebook is potting it’s on Instagram ).

And by trying to appeal to Snapchatters, Instagram will alienate hardcore’ grammers.

What the hell is Instagram anymore is what I’m now meditating. Is it a region I go to to look at people’s fine photos? A region to look at silly memes? A region to slip into people’s DMs? A region to clear Snapchat-like legends that too disappear within 24 hours?

Is it a region for good photography or a region to slip into people’s DMs?

Facebook says its Stories feature greatly helps people remember moments in “peoples lives”, but, uh, that’s what Facebook is for. And it’s become so large with so many peculiarities that it’s turned parties off.

Like I said earlier, I know what I’m getting when I use different social programmes. Now, Instagram is just one big mosh pit of content.

I abhor it.

I’ve been an Instagram user since day one. Yes, I’m talking launch daytime on Oct. 6, 2010. I’ve seen it ripened from an unknown app to the goliath it is today.

And I’ve seen it evolve and expand its offerings from just still photos to videos, from just squares to other aspect rates, from off-color and grey to a black and white interface.

Contrary to popular belief, I’m open to change when it starts impression. But this one is such a paradigm switch in Instagram’s focus that I may just cease this app before it becomes a sh* t sandwich of everything minced into one.

I don’t need two Snapchats. One is fairly. And it’s already on my phone’s prime homescreen. Remember how difficult it was to manage a Facebook < em> and a Google+ name? Facebook eventually prevailed out.

Oh, and “youre supposed to” already know this, but Instagram is about to become the battery hogging bastard that Snapchat is 😛 TAGEND

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