Jen Righi And Pete Lee Chat With New Yorkers About Fathers Day Plans

Father’s Day is a time to thank the man in your life who helped raise you into the person you are today.

He’s always the one to make you laugh, like this dad hilariously dancing with his daughter, and on Father’s Day, he should know how much he is appreciated!

LittleThings hosts Jen Righi and Pete Lee head to the streets of New York City to ask strangers about one very important topic: their fathers!

Some of the questions had very sweet answers, while others were impossibly funny. You have to watch the video and hear all of the responses!

Between asking for dad impersonations and the always embarrassing dad jokes, the hosts had a great time hearing what New Yorkers had to say about their fathers.

One message is clear throughout the entire video, though: A dad is something to be cherished and appreciated, and a day like Father’s Day is a perfect time to show that love and affection!

So remember to give the man in your life a BIG hug, and thank him for all that he’s done this Father’s Day!

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