Kevin Spacey Cracks Jimmy Fallon Up With Hilarious Impressions On The Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon is notoriously humorous. Ever since his eras back on Saturday Night Live , he’s been doing parties laugh with his crazy skits and astonishing impress.

And with his gig on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon , he’s around every night of the week to deliver his own firebrand of slapstick into homes across the country. It’s awesome!

Someone who’s not as well-known for his comedic prowess? Kevin Spacey.

I’m sure your mind really immediately rushed to one of the many chilling reputations the great actor has shown over the years. Frank Underwood? No thanks , not someone I’d want in the running to be my brand-new best friend.

But as most people do, Spacey has numerous obscured flairs hiding up his sleeve. For illustration, have you heard him sing? If not, give this epic form of “Piano Man” a listen.I promise you won’t be baffled, extremely when you examine the mass quantity of celebrities who walk out onstage to join in on the performance.

For this specific The Tonight Show game called Wheel of Impressions, Spacey was tasked with impersonating wholly random chassis in pop culture, and it’s amazing. He really is insanely talented.

His impression of Christopher Walken talking about trick-or-treating? Unreal. If you close your eyes, you might actually forget if you’re listening to Walken himself or not.

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