Man Creates Android Sock Removal App That Involves A Cute Doggie Robot

Ever have a long epoch and it seems like you don’t even have enough exertion to take off your own socks?

Well, you’re in luck because the Useless Duck Company initiated an Android sock removal app to do only that, and it commits the cutest little pup as its robot! Lazy daylights will never be the same!

How does it work? Well, when you’re ready to taken away from your socks, you just open up the app and sounds the “remove socks” button( a squeaky plaything seemed simultaneously goes off when you sounds the button) and an adorable little pup comes and takes your socks off with his teeth.

We’ve interpreted hounds do the darnedest circumstances that procreates us laugh. Like the sock remover robot, weve interpreted a mom catching her pup on obscured camera being a sneaky little swindler, anddogs getting their suntan on by ordering up at the edge of the fund!

In a great tongue-in-cheek video, the dog proprietor has taught his love pooch to make of his sock and it’s hilarious! What the Android sock removal app make didn’t see was that the tiny pooch won’t let go of the sock, and it takes a bit of a tug-of-war to get it back.

On the flip side, the doggie “robot” is a hoot, and you can twisting him around on the storey by plucking the sock that he won’t let go of, and then, if you’re lucky, he’ll jump up and try to get the sock from you formerly you’ve got it! This is of course only a laughter with a well-trained pup and not a real “robot, ” but it’s still jolly cute!