Man Notices Waitress Paw-Print Tattoo, Then She Cries When She Sees Tip On His Receipt

In 2016, it is very easy to read a lot of sad stories that make you think there isn’t much good left in this world.

But you can finda gem in the midst of it all that reminds us not everything is bad news. There are good people, and there is still a reason to be a good person!

In 2014, Christina Summitt was working at one of her three jobs when she was given a gift that she will never forget.

A customer had an $80 bar tab, but left her a $1,000 tip! He told her to put the money toward the surgery her dog needed.

It is so heartwarming to see people being so generous when others are in need, much like this truck driver who left a waitress a huge tip after he found out she’s asingle mother who worked night shifts to take care of her children.

Christina Summitt has two dogs that she absolutely loves, Mona and Tucker. She is so dedicated to her dogs, she even has a paw-print tattoo on her arm.

While working at one of her jobs, waitressing at a Holiday Inn, Christina was talking to a customer when he noticed her tattoo.

The conversation about her tattoo led to atalk about how her dog Tucker needed a $3,000 surgery to have something removed from his stomach.

At the time, they were unsure what was in there. but it was later discovered that Tucker had swallowed a toy and it got lodged in his stomach.

The customer, named Joe, signed areceipt for his $80 bar tab. When Christina walked away, she realized the tip was $1,000.

She went back to Joe with tears in her eyes and asked why he left so much. He told her to take themoney and use it for Tucker’s surgery.

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