Mom And Dad Trick Everyone Into Thinking Theyre Having A Fourth Baby Boy

Lindy and Ben Stuit already had three lovely young boys, and were a healthy, happy family. They thought that three was the perfect number for them, and that their family was complete.

Then, one day, they had a huge surprise: a positive pregnancy test!

They were shocked, surprised, thrown aback every iteration of the word couldn’t sum up their disbelief. While they were not at all expecting this, they embraced this moment in their lives.

Then, early on in the pregnancy, the doctor told them they were having twins. Another big surprise. They were all of a sudden up from three to five children. If that’s not an overwhelming turn of events, I don’t know what is.

They next surprise was a really big blow. Without giving away the entire story, the Stuit family was in for a real rollercoaster of emotions during this pregnancy. Lindy and Ben were going through so much, they wanted to have something to keep all to themselves; onegiantsecret. On the day of the caesareansection, the Stuits could hardly wait to drop the big bombshell on all of their friends and family.

I’m telling you, this must have been onereallydifficult secret to keep. But the look on all of their loved ones’ faces when they walk into the recoveryroom?

Definitely worth all of the sneaking around.


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