Mom Films Her Naughty Cat Sniffing The Toilet Until He Decides To Jump Into The Garbage

We’ve all heard of the expression, “Don’t let the cat out of the bag,” but what if the cat wants in the bag? Curiosity took over one little naughty cat named Oliver who just couldn’t stay away from the bathroom trash can. So he decided that he was going to go for it, and take the ultimate plunge!

Oliver cleverly stares at the trash can thats hopefully filled with stinky treats, like old tissues and dental floss that he could play with and entertain himself for hours. Oh, the possibilities are endless, but watch out for any hair balls, Oliver!

He assesses the situation, and then lunges headfirst into the trash can. Literally up to his ears in garbage, all you can see are his little bum, tail, and feet protruding out of the trash can as his owner scolds him.

When Oliver is pulled out from the trash can, the gray, shiny top is around his neck, making him look like an astronaut gearing up for an adventurous space voyage! Then, he comes back down to Earth, but just for a second, and then hes up to his naughty antics yet again!

Weve seen curiosity conquer many funny felines who have a way of making us laugh despite the naughtiness they create, like the feisty cat and curious dog who play hide-and-seek inside a suitcase,and the fluffy cat who takes her Twister game very seriously!

Check out the persistent, adorable, trash-loving Oliver in the hilarious video below.

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