Mom Freaks Out During A Virtual Reality Experience

Virtual reality has now been made a reality by enabling anyone who throws on this headset to be transported into a different world. Whether its an amusement park or an underwater world, it looks like a pretty wonderful experience.

Just like this mommies exhilarating reaction to seeing a dinosaur museum in her virtual reality headset, watching her run through her experience is highly entertaining.

In this clip, Mom takes her form at an HTC VIVE virtual reality headset. From the moment this clip starts, you can tell that their own families is similarly excited for her virtual undertaking as she is.

At first she takes her epoch and treads slowly as she knows underwater ocean life. Suddenly Mom precipitates toher knees not knowing exactly whats around her. However, the enjoyable doesnt stop there.

With her cheek ajar, taking in her smothers, she precipitates back and then determined on take her headset off.

Her family is in a fit of laughter, and so is she has she makes it back to her paws to join them.

It was clear by Mom’s reaction that she was blown away by the virtual reality experience, and at several spots genuinely believed that she was underwater!

If this video built you laugh,