Mom Starts To Record 2-Month-Old, Then Baby Stuns Her With His First Word

Samantha Jones was using the popular app Snapchat to show her friend, Amber, a video of her 2-month-old son, Christian Jones. The mother was playfully speaking with her son, hoping to get a few cute responses from him.

“Maybe a smile or a laugh,”Samantha told M Live, is all she hoped for.

Samantha asked Christian if he could say “hello.” The mother expected a gesture, not for her son, a mere eightweeks on this earth, to repeat the word verbatim.

Yet, Christian responded with a clear, audible, exquisitely enunciated, “Hello.” It almost doesn’t seem possible that a baby so young could do such a thing, but the video footage says it all.

“I gasped,” she said. “I really couldn’t believe it.”

Samantha’s friend, Amber, urged her to share the incredible video on Facebook. Within a couple of days, she had a million views on the video.

“I don’t think I’ve ever even had 100 likes,” she said.

Developmentally, two-month-old children are limited to coos and simple noises. In fact, most infants don’t begin to understand simple words like “no” and “bye” until around nine months. It is usually around 12 to 14 months that they even begin to try and form real words, but mostly it’s only“baby talk.”

Children typicallydon’t say their first words, often“mama” or “dada,” until maybe 12-14 months. Thus, you can imagine the shock and awe Samantha felt when her two-month-old constructed a two-syllable word with ease.

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