Monkeys Spot A Tiny Rodent, But Freak Out Every Time It Comes Close

When you think about monkeys, you probably think like I do they’re happy-go-lucky, fun, and active beings, right? In most cases, that’s the side of a monkey we get to see swinging around in their enclosures at zoos, or living freely in the wilderness on the Discovery Channel.

I’d say most of us have a very loving impression of monkeys, but that doesn’t mean we know how they’ll react in all situations.

We definitely wouldn’t have guessed they’d act like the monkeysin the video below do but we should have known they’d make us laugh.

When the first lar gibbon notices a tiny rodent in the enclosure, he immediately looks a bit startled. He even jumps and starts shooing it. The person filming refers to it all as a panic attack!

Then the second monkey comes into the picture, and the two of them prance around as if they’re grossed out by thelittle mouse! They flail their arms, shoo it out, and jump around it, avoiding itwhile trying to getit out of theirarea.

These monkeys are clearly very particular about their home, and they arenot happy about this intruder!

Do you think this interaction is as funny as we do? Let us know in the comments!

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