Nurse Goes To Help Soldier In The ER, Then She Realizes Its Her Son On The Stretcher

A soldier in a neck brace rolled into the emergency room on a gurney. The nurses at the Oklahoma City hospital each hovered around the injuredsoldier.

Nurse Tammy Smith asked for the patient’s name and birthday. When sheheard it, it didn’tregister the man in the ER washer son.

But don’t worry, soldier Brandon Smith is just fine. The neck brace was just part of the soldier’s attempt to surprise his mother. Brandon wasdeployed overseas for two long years.

He thought this would be a great way to surprise his dear old mom for the holidays. Boy was he wrong. Too focused on the job, his own mother didn’t recognize her son’s name and birth date!

The mother and son get quite the laugh when she takes a peek at his face and realizes her baby boy has finally come home.

I haven’t seen a militarysurprise this touchingsince soldier Tacho surprised his mom Rosa. She literallyscreamedin excitement.

What’s incredibly special about watching these brave young men and women surprising their families, especially during the holidays, is that they serve as a reminder that not every family gets to be together. This year, hug your loved ones a little tighter.

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