Paralyzed Dad Dies, Then Cemetery Staff See His Dog At Grave Every Single Morning

Dogs can be many things: our friends, our companions, even our singing partners! But in the case of Cesur, the word to describe him most is loyal. You see, this grieving dog guards his dead owner’s grave every single morning.

Cesur was first adopted by his owner, Mehmet Ilhan, when he was just a puppy. Ilhan spent many years paralyzed, and Cesur was his greatest companion.

Then, at age 79, Ilhan passed away.

“When my father was in the hospital during his last days, Cesur stopped eating,” said Ali, Ilhan’s son, who has now adopted Cesur as his own.

At the funeral in Turkey’s Bursa Province, Cesur stood by the coffin before following it all the way to the cemetery for Ilhan’s burial.

And as if the pup’s loyalty couldn’t be anymore astonishing, the staff at the cemetery in which Ilhan is buried tell Ali that, without fail, Cesur arrives every morning to stand several hours on top of his late dad’s grave.

Like a guardian angel.

The video below shows the pup making the journey into the graveyard and straight Ilhan’s grave.

He meets Ali there, but before long Cesur is alone, being recorded as he circles the grave and walks over it again and again and again.

‘Nowadays he visits the grave every day because he can’t seem to get used to the absence of my father,” Ali said.

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