Rude Passengers Wont Offer Seat To Mom And Baby. Then, Bus Driver Leaves Wheel To Scold Them

Sometimes, it takes a hero to set the right example for others.

Public transit systems typically have reserved seats for elderly passengers, disabled passengers and pregnant women.Mothers holding their babies should be no exception to this rule.

But during a crowded bus ride in Chile, the passengers decided to completely ignore a woman holding her baby in one arm while having to balance herself on a pole with the other. One sudden shift in the bus meant she could lose control and potentially drop her baby.

The further and faster the bus drove, the more the mother had to hold on for dear life.

That’s when the bus driver did something amazing.

The driver stopped the bus at once, stood up and offered his seat tothe woman in an effort to prove a point. In the security footage below, you can see him scolding the other passengers for their lack of care and concern.

Pretty soon, the passengers realized that they wouldn’t be able to reach their destinations without the driver sitting behind the wheel.

Finally, one woman stands to offer her seat, and justice is served all thanks to one kindhearted bus driver.

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