She Thinks Boyfriends Knee Is Hurt From Rollerblading Fall, Then Realizes Hes Pulling Out Ring

Alan and Steely had been together for over15 years. The cozy couple went out on an inline skatingdate one night, but that’s not the entire story.

Alan thought of a clever way to proposeto his longtime girlfriend. He was going to turn a funny “accident” into a sweet, meaningful memory for the twoof them.

In the video below, posted on January 30, 2017, people aregliding around the roller rink as K-Ci &JoJo’s “All My Life” loudly plays in the background. The popular wedding song really sets the mood for what isabout to happen next. The room ismostly dark, only brightened by a few colorful lights beaming around the floor.

Overall, it just seems like your typical Rollerblading night at the rink. Then, Alan and Steely roll by. As the couple approaches the area where Alan’s cameraman isstanding to film him propose, he knowsit’s time.

Alan suddenly lunges his right leg forward and kicks his left one back, collapsing onto the floor. Steely spinsto a halt as Alan clutches his left knee, acting as if he’s injured.

Then he quickly flips over onto his right knee, while the left one standsbent. He fetches something from his left pants leg. Steely skates back to him, and instantly the lights switch on.

Alan grabs Steely’s right hand and once she realizes what’s going on, she screams in a panic.

Alan popsopen the box he removed from his pants and flashes the ring to Steely. With her hands plastered against her red face, she nods and chuckles incessantly. She exclaims, “Yes!”

The bride-to-be can’thold back her emotions while surrounded by friends and family, so she beginsto cry as Alan standsup and kisses her.

To see the amazing moment for yourself, check out the video below!

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