Simon Cowell Has The Most Hilarious Reactions On Americas Got Talent

Going up to sing in front of anyone will always be a nerve-racking experience, but for anyone who has ever stood in front of Simon Cowell, that nervousness is increased a hundred times over.

While Simon has gotten a bit softer since he’s had his children, this man is still the judge that the contestants will always fear the most. There’s no telling if he’ll love your act and praise you, or laugh you off the stage in the most embarrassing way imaginable in front of millions of people.

Since 2002, when Simon really made his way into the hearts of Americans everywhere during the first season of American Idol,the harsh British judge quickly gained a reputation of being fierce, sometimes cruel, butalwayshilarious.

Often, he would tear down a performer as the audience wildly booed his words, but Simon always went with his gut, and we’ll always love him for it.

Whether you hate to love him or love to hate him, this man makes some of the most hilarious faces whenever a performer shocks him onstage.

Sometimes, he’ll make a silly face if he’s loving what he’s seeing, and other times, he’ll make a huge reaction when he hates what he’s seeing. No matter what, you can always trust that this guy is going to make the show worth watching, and he’llalwaysmake things interesting for the viewers at home and the people onstage.

Make sure to watch this hilarious video highlighting some of his most ridiculous reactions over the years!


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