Stephen Dank discharged from Melbourne hospital after suspected drive-by shooting

Former Essendon plays scientist sustains minor premier injury after films shot into his Ascot Vale home in the early hours of Saturday

The plays scientist Stephen Dank has been discharged from infirmary after he was wounded in what appears to be a drive-by shooting.

The 52 -year-old maintained a minor premier injury when films were fired into his Ascot Vale home about 2.20 am working on Saturday.

Photos from the offense representation hint at the least three bullets were fired into Danks house, shattering one of the windows.

The biochemist apparently told Fox Sports News he and his partner were angry but refused to be intimidated or leave their home.

He has a black eye and a cruelly chipped snout, after a bullet pastured the connect of his nose, Fox Sports News reports.

The Royal Melbourne infirmary proved Dank was no longer a patient after he was admitted in a stable condition with a premier graze.

One other person who was in the house at the time escaped without injury.

Nine Network had earlier tweeted a photo of Dank being helped into an ambulance after the films were fired.

A neighbour told reporters he didnt ensure or hear anything.

We have got bird-dogs that would go off at the slightest noise. They didnt go over last-place night so whatever happened was pretty quiet, said Dean, who declined to give his surname.

He described Dank as a neighbour who kept to himself.

Dank was given a life outlaw by the AFL anti-doping tribunal last year for his role in narcotic contraventions against 34 current and past Essendon participates. He has recently declaredgiving AFL star Nathan Bock a censored peptide.

In January, the Court of Arbitration for Sport said Dank texted compound pharmacist Nima Alavi in August 2012 asking for some help with this football team.

Alavi responded describing a new amazing polymer being used in the US for society mare racing … I can even throw the thymosin and AOD in it, to which Dank said give us measure a got a couple of players.

The court decision also states Dank asked former Essendon coach-and-four James Hird for help disguising the insertion regiman from the media.

The biochemist was too confined to the NRL adds-on scandal at the Cronulla Sharks that culminated in coach-and-four Shane Flanagan being censored for 12 months, and 12 current and past participates made backdated 12 -month suspensions.

The NRL said in 2014 Dank would not be allowed any further participation in video games, but he has revoked any wrong-doing in his work with either NRL or AFL players.

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