Take that, Uber: Lyft to add multiple stops option

A Lyft Glowstache glows on the dashboard of a car in San Francisco, where Lyft is based.
Image: AP/Josh Edelson

Lyft announced Monday that it will finally implement a very useful feature for carpoolers. You will soon be able to add multiple destinations to a ride, either at the beginning or in the middle of a trip.

Just add your first location as you normally do and then click the “Add destination” option, as seen below.

Image: lyft

Image: lyft

It won’t cost extra to add more stops, but a longer trip will cost users more money. You will also be able to remove a stop at any time. The company did not reveal when the feature will be added.

Though Lyft and its main competitor, Uber, both have the option to split a fare, Uber is lagging when it comes to carpooling. When using Uber and you want to change a trip, you have to either cancel the booking (which costs money) and rebook, or convince the driver to stop at more destinations. You can use Uber pool from different phones, but it doesn’t guarantee you’ll actually be in the same car, especially during peak hours.

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