These 2 Irish Brothers Just Gave The Funniest TV Interview Of The Entire 2016 Olympics

The O’Donovan brothers have made their country proud with a silver medal in rowing at the 2016 Rio Olympics — but the interview they gave shortly thereafter is a gift for the whole world.

Brothers Paul and Gary earned second place in the lightweight double sculls. Theirs is Ireland’s first medal of the Rio Games.

They went on to give what many news outlets are hailing as the “funniest TV interview” of the entire Olympics.

And I have to say — I can’t disagree, though I also have to admit that some of their words were lost on me.

Many athletes make headlines during competitions for setting new world or Olympic records, and others do so for showing admirable levels of sportsmanship, like the diver who had the right attitude after an embarrassing high dive.

But in a rare gem of an interview, these two brothers are making the whole world laughalong with them as they recount parts of their Rio experience.

Despite their massive success, the two seem a bit starstruck by everything around them, reassuring viewersthat although the backdrop of Rio might seem fake, it is indeed real.

And the bit about their “podium pants” is one you won’t want to miss. There’s a part of me that hopes that term becomes part of the official Olympic lingo!

The talentedbrothers hail from Cork, Ireland.

Here’s a stunning shot of the two brother practicing against the beautiful backdrop of Rio.

Team Ireland posted this photo of the 2 brothers on Twitter shortly after their victory.

After a reporter asked the brothers what their winning strategy was going to be as they headed into the finals, they responded with a quippy, “Close your eyes and pull like a dog.” The Internet has since responded with a very appropriate interpretation of the quote!

Irish news outlets and their fellow countrymen have been quick to show off their pride in the brothers with the hashtag PullLikeADog.

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