Thief Steals $20,000 In Instruments From Musicians House, Then Accidentally Returns It

Here is a lesson for all criminals: If you’re going to steal something, it is probably not wise to try and sell it for money in the same town where you commit your crime.

I am always surprised when I hear these stories, but it happens often enough that there are a bunch of TV shows dedicated to dumb criminals.

When Alby Myhre came home, he foundhis music room broken into and threeof his prized instruments stolen. In particular, the robber took his favoriteviolin.

The total value of everything stolen was $20,000. So it’s not that surprising that the criminal would try to sell these items to make some money.

What is incredible is that this thief took the instruments to Myhre’s Music Alby’s family’s store. I know not every house has the familyname written on the mailbox, but this criminal really didn’t put two and two together?

Thankfully Alby was reunited with his instruments, as the employees in his store recognized the stolen instruments and immediately called the criminal out for trying to sell them back.

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Thumbnail Photo: Flickr

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