This Is What It Sounds Like When You Make A Desert Rain Frog Very, Very Mad

Remember back in the 1990s when Budweiser had their hilarious ad campaign? No, not the one where men call each other to ask, “whassup?,” though thatone was just as iconic.

I’m referring to the ones that featured “talking frogs.” You know, the threeanimatronic amphibians thatsoundedout the syllables to the beer company’s name.

Well,that wasn’t all just for a trip down memory lane to a time when they made us laugh with their commercials rather than tug at our heartstrings, but because I haven’t giggledas much at frog’s antics since then until stumbling upon the hilarious little guy below, that is!

He’s not forming actual words, but the cutie’s silly sounds had me in stitches. What makes it all the more entertaining is how his species, desert rain frogs, apparently only make this unique noise when they’revery angry about something.

While I’m not sure what could have possibly upset him so much, I do feel a bitguilty finding so much joy from his foul mood. It’s like listening to a young kid throw a temper tantrum, but much easier on the ears.

His fully puffed-up body covered in sand definitely adds to the whole hysterical equation. Despite thefrown on his face, there’s just not taking him seriously. Probably a good idea for him to steer clear of any dogs, though, as they’ll likely assume he’s one of their squeak toys.

Take a look at the tiny guy for yourself below.

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