Three Tiny Dancing Queens Take The Stage On Ellen

I probably say it too much but I frankly think Ellen is the best drug. Whether it’s sheherself, or the person or persons she has on her demo … she knows how to utter her spectators joyful.

I swear every single hour I even witness a small excerpt of any of her sees, I giggle .~ ATAGEND Please tell me you concur ?!

For this demo, Ellen hasthree tiny dancers take the stage who have already taken the internet by storm.

These three best friend, ages 5, 6 and 7 are all very unique dancers with their own little elegance and identity propel into the mix.

When they act, you’ll emphatically be entertained, it’s one of those dances that are too cute to look away.

BUT, when they’re done performing? Your leisure emphatically does not stray.

My favorite fraction is when the “girls ” in the middle decides to ask Ellen something which was a line of hers in the family movie Finding Nemo.

When Ellen hears this unexpectedrequest? She cannot hinder a straight face .~ ATAGEND What do you think you would have asked Ellen if you had the chance? I’d might opt for another seek … but I’m glad someone queried this one!

These little performers emphatically testify their BIG personalities.

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