Very Rare Litter Of 5 Dingo Puppies Is Born To Proud Parents In Australia

Most people know dingoes as funny wild dogs in Australia who may “eat your baby” if you’re not careful.

Some don’t really know what they are at all I’ll admit that I had to look up a picture on the internet!

But dingos are actually an important Australian symbol that have been a part of the continent’s culture for centuries.

Another cool thing about them is that their babies are absolutely adorable!

Dingo pups are similar to domestic puppies in that they are small, fuzzy, and completely cuddly.

And recently, the Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia, welcomed five dingo puppies into the family.

The little fuzz balls could not be cuter and park visitors are obsessed with watching them wobble around and snapping photos of them.

Check down below to see photos of the cute little puppies at the park it will definitely make you want to book a flight down under!

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Southern Australians rejoice!

The Featherdale Wildlife Parkhas welcomed five adorable little dingo pups into their family.

The babies, three girls and two boys, were the first litter of Mom (Smudge) and Dad (Bear).

The pups are as cute as can be and look similar to normal domestic doggies.

Dingos are definitely Australian icons, so getting to see their adorable babies is surely bringing about a lot of Aussie pride around the park.

What is even more amazing is that a litter of five pups is pretty rare among dingos.

Adults only breed once a year, so there aren’t many babies roaming around, especially in the park.

Understandably,visitors are completely smitten with the little puppies.

The park even held aDingo Puppy Weekendso that guests could cuddle and get their photo fill of the tiny fur balls.

But they won’t stay tiny forever!

Adult dingos can grow up to almost two feet and weigh about 30lbs.

So if you want to get your dingo pup fix, but don’t live anywhere near Sydney, make sure to look out for more photos of them on Featherdale’s Instagram.

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