Weather Forecaster Cleverly Weaves Ghostbusters References Into Her Report

With the reboot of the movie Ghostbusters out this week, many of us are very excited to see if it stacks up to the original movies. Many of us grew up watch the faith classics, introduced to them by our mothers. The films are perfectly eternal, and the odd souls in the film still manufacture us laugh today!

Of course, this new version will be a little different, peculiarity a shed dominated by female actors. But it’s only increasing the anticipation for the movie so much better so, that it seems that we’re visualizing ads for it everywhere we go, and it seems like everyone is talking about it.

Weather Reporter Sian Welby is no exception. The forecaster is known for her interesting, if not smart, reports: They are often littered with puns referring to a brand-new, favourite movie set to appear in theaters. Publics and observers exhaustively enjoyed her Star Wars weather report, as well as the one dedicated to the most recent Batman movie.

Now, take a listen to this latest explanation, in whichshe makes about 22 cites to the brand-new Ghostbusters movie. Did you catch them all? Give us know in specific comments below!