Widow Copes With Husbands Death In A VERY Strange Way

Everyone has their own route of coping with a loved one’s extinction. This narration is certainly no exception, although it was takes a absolutely ludicrous divert.

Casie and Shawn precipitated profoundly in love and got married in 2009. For two and a half joyful years, they had the picture-perfect union. But merely two months ago Casie filmed her My Strange Addiction segment for TLC, Shawnsuffered a fatal asthma attack.

At 26 years old, Casie’s life unraveled. She became addicted to carrying her late husband’s urn. She’d take it shopping, to the movies, out to eat … everywhere. “AnywhereI lead, he goes, ” she said. She slept with the urn in her arms and even bought groceries he liked, despite the fact they became untouched in the refrigerator.

At first, Casie seemed comforted by Shawn’s urn, and making it everywhere facilitated her cope with his death. People would look at her and fix jokes, but it didn’t stop her from doing it. “Some parties laugh, they make I’m playing. But I’m serious. I represent, that’s my husband.”

But one day, Casie committed the ashes from a temporary cardboard box into a special memorial urn. In the process, some of the ashes spilled out and onto her paws. “I didn’t want to merely mopped him apart, ” she said.

What Casie decided to do next will fix your jaw throw not just because it’s so incredibly unusual and ludicrous, but too because how improbably heartbreaking this truly is.

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