Would I know by now if I’m going to the Olympics?


I know that the Olympic Opening Ceremony is going to be this Friday in Rio de Janeiro. Its an easy Google search.

However, when I researched Am I going to the Olympics? I felt no decisive reactions.

If you havent watched it, the Olympics are a two-week long athletic competition peculiarity teams from around the world.( The happen is sort of regarded as the Olympics of boasts .)

Ive been a long time fan of the Ol’ competitions. I recollect clapping for Michael Phelps as he won the most gold medals by any one athlete in 2008. I climbed off of my sofa in revel when Usain Bolt earned three contests in a single Olympics. And how could I ever forget the overwhelming revelation I appeared when I recognized the McDonalds commercial of the Winter 2013 Olympics?

It’s always been my dream to participate in the Olympics. I know I am not alone in this daydream. By my gues, at least 20 other people want this.

But how do you find out if you’re going? Does someone call you? How do I tally an provoke?

I is quite clear that you need to be good at something in order to remain. I know that you miss 100 percentage of the films you don’t make. I learned that from Wayne Gretzky. I also know that you have to be young, scrappy and thirsty in order to not throw away your film. I became aware that, more, from Wayne Gretzky.

In the past, I knew I didnt put enough work into my exercise regimen to deserve one of those coveted distinguishes on the United States team. But this year, things are different. No, I am different.

My gym membership wasn’t just a due I forgot to cancel, like Tidal or Hulu Plus. I worked out at least once a month.I started for weekly rolls, and not just after the mailman when I’ve forgotten to pay a invoice. Additionally, I moved several times, and never , not once, hired a moving company.

My body wonders these changes. I’ve gained 54 pounds, all of which, I presume, are muscle mass. Medical doctors also said that I’m tallying channel higher on my cholesterol, which clangs thrilling.

I even adopted my happen: running.

Ive always been a runner, whether it was away from a middle school bully, or the altar( upon realizing my presumed betrothed was just my middle school bully, catfishing me year later. Nice try, George! Wholl have the last laugh once I win the gold ?)

Yet , none of this wants I’ll be going to the Olympics. Now I’m left wondering: would I know by now if I were going to the Olympics? Like, would they have invited me? I know there are visitations, which is why Ive been going myself. I routed the Olympics a letter with my improved times.


Here’s what I do know 😛 TAGEND

A plane ticket to Rio for the Olympics is around $1,500.

A plane ticket to Rio for the Olympics will be well over $2,000 if I sit in Economy Plus( and as an Olympic athlete, I do trust I should be in at least Economy Plus ).

A hotel would be $ 7,000 for the period of the Olympics. I do not have this much fund, it was therefore would be really cool if I found out how I could get reimbursed.

Usain Bolt is regarded as the greatest runner of our time.